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For 28 1/2 years I have dedicated my professional life to serving and protecting citizens of our State with honor and integrity. I look forward to you giving me the opportunity to lead the Sheriff’s Office into a new era that is free from politics and brings about meaningful changes to keep our county safe. With your participation, voice and involvement we can build the most professional law enforcement agency in the state of Florida.



In the past three years, the State's crime rate has steadily decreased by 19.4% while the crime rate in Hardee County has increased 14.5%. As sheriff, I will take a proactive approach to policing and initiate a business/property check mechanism that will deter criminal activity.  As an experienced law enforcement leader, I will expand law enforcement related partnerships, including municipalities departments and the judicial system to better serve our community with a focus on directed enforcement and crime prevention.


Those who enter the law enforcement profession are called upon to hold themselves to the highest standard of trust and integrity. As sheriff, I will continue to exemplify personal integrity and maintain strict accountability for the 110 employees at the Sheriff’s Office.



As Sheriff, I will work with the superintendent of schools and the district's designated safety officer to coordinate emergency response training of our agency and our municipal partners to school shooting events. Since our children are our most precious holding, school resource officers will be trained to respond to all school related emergencies and prepared to assist the school's administrative staff in day to day activities.


As Sheriff, I will remain passionate about Hardee County and its diverse makeup. Understanding our demographics, I will expand community oriented policing and focus on agriculture patrol advancements. As a public servant, I will strive to create a framework for transparent communication to the community and ensure consistent follow-up with citizens regarding complaints and investigations.


To be more efficient to the public, administrative services must be able to access information in a timely manner. As Sheriff, I will establish online systems that will improve this communication. With limited access, I will also update or create technological advances in personnel files, training files and evidence & property procedures. 

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