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Over the past four years, the Hardee County Sheriff's Office has worked tirelessly to serve and protect our community. Through dedication, innovation, and collaboration, we have achieved significant milestones that have enhanced public safety, strengthened government agency and community relationships, and ensured the welfare of our citizens. Join us as we reflect on our accomplishments and look forward to a safer and brighter future for Hardee County.

  • Developed a Citizen’s Academy to increase public transparency and knowledge about department operations and have hosted three 14 week classes.

  • Developed a High School Academy and a Youth Summer Camp to build relationships and establish trust.

  • Acquired Animal Services from the BoCC, expanding our agency's mission to ensure the welfare of animals.

  • Added two Public Safety Aide positions to enhance community outreach and support.

  • Increased social media presence to engage with residents and share important information.

  • Actively participated in the Hardee County Chamber of Commerce to strengthen partnerships and support local businesses.

  • Implemented Community-Oriented Policing strategies to build trust and collaboration within the community.

  • Mailed Customer Surveys to gather feedback and improve service delivery.

  • Established an eight member Citizen’s Advisory Committee to review policy and assist with revisions

  • Established firearms familiarization for citizens through a grant program

  • Re-established Florida Sheriff’s Association Teen Driving Challenge.

  • Decreased the crime rate for the 3rd consecutive year, reflecting our commitment to proactive law enforcement.

  • Implemented a four-year strategic plan and achieved each goal, guiding our agency towards continuing success.

  • Produced an annual report for  each year of our adminstration for our citizens and our BoCC detailing our operations to increase transparency.

  • Became FCAC accredited and are working towards CFA accreditation to uphold the highest standards of professionalism and excellence.

  • Increased the number of traffic citations leading to a decrease in traffic crashes and actively promote safer roads for our citizens.

  • Began replacing an aging law enforcement fleet to increase the safety and efficiency of our operations.

  • Secured over 1 million in state and federal grants to invest in critical resources and technology.

  • Implemented body-worn cameras and replaced drones to comply with federal regulations, enhancing transparency and accountability.

  • Purchased new radios with GPS & LTE cellular service for officer  safety.

  • Implemented a compassionate leave program for employees who are facing illness without available leave time.

  • Initiated a college tuition payment plan for eligible employees.

  • Graduated four members of our agency from the National Innovative Academy and the Florida Sheriff’s Association Commander’s Academy to enhance leadership skills.

  • Established a Human Resources Department & Office of Professional Standards.

  • Instituted “Garcia Pay” for K9 Deputies, including back-pay.

  • Replaced out-dated polyester uniforms with warm-weather friendly alternative. 

  • Enrolled in electronic app for off-duty detail scheduling and payments to ensure prompt payment for deputies. 

  • Established regular celebratory ceremonies for awards and holidays to include member's family in attendance.

  • Initiated a "fair process" procedure for promotions, open to all members who qualify, to include testing and panel interviews. 

  • Implemented a step pay plan for all employees ensuring fair compensation.

  • Implemented an employee promotional process and annual evaluation system.

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