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  • 28 ½ years in state law enforcement

  • 12 years in supervisory and management positions

  • First line supervisor of homicide investigations

  • Lieutenant over three districts in State, Arcadia, covering Hardee, Highlands and DeSoto Counties; Bradenton, covering Manatee County; and Ft. Pierce, covering Indian River, Saint Lucie, Martin and Okeechobee Counties

  • Managed evidence and property (over 25,000 pieces) in six evidence rooms from Lake Placid to Naples

  • Supervised training and certification of 220 state law enforcement officers

  • BA in Criminal Justice from the University of South Florida

  • Coordinated, instructed, and supervised a law enforcement academy for the certification of auxiliary law enforcement personnel

  • Served on the state accreditation board and wrote policy for the initial Florida Highway Patrol Accreditation 

  • Supervised Communications Center in Ft. Myers overseeing critical incidents for all state law enforcement in Central and South West Florida

  • Served as a high liability trainer in firearms, pursuit driving, and police baton

  • Currently working on masters in criminal justice from American Military University

  • Over 10,000 hours in law enforcement training, including coordinating all high liability training, instructing high liability,  and supervising training for law enforcement personnel.



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